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 7-12W AC/DC Adapters

UL/FCC 5V1A Power Adapter for Indoor Use

UL/FCC  5V1A Power Adapter for Indoor Use
SHENZHEN JIHONGDA POWER CO.,LTD, which is specializing in  R&D ,manufacture ,sale of AC/DC Power Adapter ,USB charger ,inner-PCB  etc .
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Model Name Definition 
   AP=Wall Mount Type;AW=AC welding wire type Z=meaning(U=US standard、E=European standard、C=China standard、B=United Kingdom standard、A=Australia standard、J=Japan standard、K=Korea standard、S=Switzerland standard);F=A or B:A=has LED indicator、B=has no LED indicator;D=A or B:A=Output DC wire 、B=USB connection ;XXX=Output Voltage,(XXX=030-330 meaning voltage from 3V to 33V);YYY=Current ,(YYY=010-150 meaning current from 0.1A to  1.5A);

Electrical Parameters:

Input Characteristic:

2、Frequency :50/60(47~63)Hz;
3、Total Input Power :6.5W;
4、Input voltage:≤0.3A;
5、No load consumption:≤0.2W;
6、lightning surge:3800V(四角度各20次);
Output Characteristic :
1、Output Voltage :DC3V~33V;
2、Output Current:2A~0.15A
3、Output Mode:Constand Voltage or Constant Current is available
4、Output Voltage Accuracy:±2~3%(at CC mode:±5%);
5、Line Regulation rate:±0.5~1%;
6、Load Regulation Rate::±0.5~2%;
7、Otuput Ripple:≤1%;
9、Output Over Voltage Protection :When output voltage surpass 120%,the power will cut automatically .
10、Output Current Protection :Load surpass 130% ,the power will cut automatically .
11、Over Temperature Protection :Environment Temperature surpass 75℃~85℃,the power will get into protection status .
Other Date :
1、Product Design Allowance:Load+120%;
2、Efficiency :Meet the latest EU requirement standard ,ERP2.0 certification ;
3、Outer shell withstand temperature :100℃
4、Withstand Pressure:3000V/1minute;
5、Use Environment:-10℃~+45℃;
6、Life-time:30000小时,(50000 hours can be customized);
8、Safety Approvals:CCC、CE、FCC、ERP2.0
9、Product Type: :Wall-mount type ,with DC wire connection and USB connection ,has LED indicator or no LED  indicator  

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