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Multi-Funtion Charger ,Pay Attention for Use

Current society,no matter where we go ,we must carry two electric product,cell phone and charger ,mobile phone charger is more and more popular in market ,and diversity in type. The most favorite is portable and convenient for charging ,so the volumn becomes more and more small.

In the daily life ,we can’t have no charger, like our cell phone ,tablet PC and household appliances etc .When we use charger ,there is something needs to pay attention : Do not put charger at humid and high temperature environment ,otherwise it will cause great harm to charger and decrease the use lifetime,especially for our cell phone with only one battery ,taking good care of our charger is protecting our cell phone battery.In the charging power process, When we touch the charger and feel over heat , please stop it , the charger be in high temperature for long time ,it is very dangerous to occur blast.

The portable power bank ,which is equal to our second battery charger .

It bring great convenience for our life in outside .



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