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The market Survey for Emergency Charger

The current society most of us depends on cell phone badly,when mobile phone power gets exaust , we will fell bored and find power to charge by all means,since this phenomenon, market appears many kinds of emergency charger and portable power bank .

Right now theemergency charger’s status shows the great potential even not many types .they are mainly two types:  Pre-charging and Auto-supply charging . In fact pre-charging named power bank , auto-supply charging has two kinds ,solar energy and hand control ,these kinds of charger has low or high characteristic ,so the price is different too .

The generalLi-Battery charger ,that is portable power bank ,with expensive price,and also the bigger of milliampere,the higher in price .

In fact,the portable power bank is another battery of our cell phone ,when the power bank has no power , the mobile phone won't be charged,then we still need charger to supply power .

Last ,let’s see hand control charger ,even it is auto-supply type,and can be charged anywhere anytime by hand control , but it’s not easy to operate, so few of people like using it . The solar charger is environmental ,but it’s volumn limits the power collection rate .


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